So this is the bodysuit I made, I’ll try and get a pic of it by itself tomorrow. It has a shelf bra which is awesome but I need to adjust the length of it a bit cause it’s too long and you can see it through the outside.Otherwise it’s wonderful! The bottom has full coverage so doesn’t ride up or pinch too tightly on the legs and it’s a super flattering cut…I gotta figure out how to turn this into the template for a bathing suit!
Edit: also yes how could i forget, FUCK AMERICAN APPAREL…I just saw a billboard of theirs today that said “we might not be politically correct but we have good ethics” and I was like what the hell idiotic ad exec okayed that bullshit?? Since when does sexual harassment qualify as not being “politically correct”?? Sexual harassment is about a lack of human decency, not a lack of social etiquette! Also, who said that being PC and mindful of your words and actions WASNT CONSIDERED ETHICAL? It makes no sense. They can pat themselves on the back all day for having a good working environment and a living wage for those factory employees but it doesn’t exempt *anyone* from acting like disgusting misogynists. Or from acting fat-phobic. Or from whatever else nonsense they have been getting up to. *fart noises*

this is amazing, especially cos project runway taught me that stretchy sewing is hard

Wait! squintyoureyes  I’m not sure when on project runway they said this, and I love and respect that show and could never do what they do so I don’t want to undermine their teachings or anything, but sewing knits is SOOOO EASY. Like, it’s generally easier than sewing clothing made out of woven fabric because the knits stretch and cling to your body’s curves, so you don’t have to focus on fitting them the same way- generally you don’t have to use darts and shaping on knits because the magic of the fabric does it for you! I can make a knit fabric garment in one day as opposed to a 3-5 dayer for a woven dress. The only thing tricky about sewing knits is that it REALLY helps to have a serger. You can definitely sew knit fabric garments on a regular machine, but in my experience they tend to fall apart and come undone at the seams a little easier if you aren’t really meticulous about the seaming (on a regular machine you have to use a zig zag stitch to sew two pieces of knit together but on a serger you just ZIP it on through that machine so fast- a serger can create a seam AND finish your edges so that they don’t unravel at the same time, meaning there is less sewing to do on a typical garment. I could go on and on about sewing with knit fabrics, but I would say they are probably the EASIEST fabric I have ever worked with, and plain woven cotton comes in at a close second. A SLINKY stretch garment would definitely be tricky to sew. Any fabric with sheen and slipperiness is really tough (silk, satin, some rayons) and also velvets and some courderoys, but knit fabric pieces cling together really easily so they stay put when you sew or serge them together!
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What The Fuck Did I Just Watch For You: a memoir by a fan of actors with terrible filmographies

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